A Crimson Grail di Rhys Chatham, Table Of The Elements, 2007

Four hundred electric guitars that sing a hymn to the eternal music. Four hundred electric guitars on the steps of Sacre Coeur in Paris, the night of the first October 2005. 2400 strings that vibrate in unison creating a unique, powerful, exciting, touching sound … …
This work comes from a recording of four hundred (400!) guitars made the night the first of October 2005 in the church of Sacre Coeur in Paris, it’s a tremendous work, distinguished by a rare emotional intensity, only guitars, no drums, unlike other works in Chatham where it is always present, because the acoustics of the place marked by a delay time echo of fifteen seconds., rendered it unusable.
Because of a similar glow, the New York composer has chosen to emphasize more the sound of guitars and use very slow arrangements sacrificing an almost baroque sound that we can find for example in “An Angel Moves Too Fast To See.”
The result is a mass of creepy sounds, fueled by 2400 strings that vibrate in unison , for a single gigantic stream of celestial sound of unsustainable power launched into the sky with an intensity that left speechless, mesmerized and breathless. An electric sound, transcendental, between peaks and waterfalls of chords, for a pagan symphony, an angelic drone of solemn proportions, gothic and fluorescent. Peace, a serenity mild and intense.
The applause, the roar of the hands of the crowd (ten thousand people) that welcomes and thanks for this gift is like the rain that comes to placate, to accompany them to the friendly and well-deserved silence.
Simply beautiful.