Bucato by Paolo Angeli, ReR 2002

This is the first recording for Paolo Angeli in 2002 for the ReR Records that see Angeli alone playing in solitary with his particular instrument, almost 66 minutes of music, almost a recital to show the abilities of the musician and his prepared sardinian guitar, with a series of tracks took from different recordings live.
The album stylistically puts together in homogeneous way but decidedly not monotonous different live recordings made in different times and places, all rigorously without overdoubs. So we have melodic textures, echoes of Sardinian popular music, bow’s flights, deaf percussions in such a synthesis that to a first listening it would come to think whether at least it’s a quartet of instrumentalists that are plying here and that it is necessary to see him at work to believe that he succeed in the enterprise to do it all alone. A good musical abridged edition and a perfect sight ticket, for a disk that grow to every listening. The only black spot is perhaps the length of the cd and a certain musical lenght that goes some against the atmospheres that Angels succeed in evoking. Very beautiful the booklet that accompanies the cd with the photos in black and white by Nanni Angeli.