Fantasia catalana by Duo Eutonos, FUNDACIO’ ACA, 2001

The Duo Eutonos leaves his musical signature with this cd gone out in the 2001. Eugenio Becherucci on the guitar and Antonio Cipriani on the violin interpret with pleasant feeling and yearning imagination these Catalan fantasies wisely arranged by the same Becherucci. The CD entertains a collection of simple themes, ancient representatives of how “to feel” Catalan, these are songs written throught the centuries that have been transmitted generation in generation and that here live again with new lights and colors.
The feeling is to be walking in Barcellona, vital and multiform city as are these fantasies characterized by simple but elegant melodies, closer to the arrangements by Miguel Llobet, that well reflect the character of the Catalan people and their city. We happily advance along the Ramblases with a music as Chincana as a surround, we wander throught the Barrio Gotico with the thoughtful El Mestre and Plany, admire Gaudi listening to El noi de la mare, make some dance footsteps with Filadora, Lanit de Nadal and the Pastoreta, slowly walk throughtits parks with Ball ballets, we feel the grandeur of the Sagrada Famiglia with Cant and find ourselves thoughtful and melancholy with El Testament of Amelia.
Please don’t misunderstand me, these fantasies for violin and guitar on Catalan popular themes are real original compositions, whose structure doesn’t stop to a simple melodic redefinition of the popular song but where are united other sections as introductions, other melodic themes, interludes and solos that put in prominence both the cleverness of the two performers and the compositive abilities by Becherucci. Make yourself comfortable, relax these are songs to listen quietly, tasting them, don’t be not surprised if you will find yourself to humming them softy.

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