Healing memories and other scattering times by Stefano Pilia, Lastvisible Dog, 2005

If you want to listen to this record, don’t act like me. Don’t choose a summer blinding day of sun. Better listen to it in autumn, even in one of those misty days, when the heavy colored leaves mixed themselves around to the grey uniforms of the fog and the sounds become quiet and confused. Even the odors become sweetish and we feel sad and in an introspective mood.

I am sure that then it will give the best of itself.
This is a very beautiful disk, with Stephen Pilia that works, changes, plays with its guitar drawing intense and colored drones as northern auroras. A cd next to certain ideas of “almost prog music” by other musical scenes as groups like GodSpeeds You BlackEmperor and the Sigurs Ros, but without that epic that loads the Canadian ensemble and that sense of suspended animation of the Icelandic group.

There are no voices, jsut in some passages the electronic insertions of Massimo Carozzi and Valerio Tricoli, for the rest it dominates the saturated sound, at times clear, at times distorted of the guitar of Pilia. A floating sound that he flutters, scatters, he calls to illuminate titles as “healing memories..”, “the holy sailor”. “godspeed gnome”. I promise to listen to it again in autumn, playing loud, losing myself in its droneses and loops. September is here again.