Italians by Marco Minà, Novantiqua

We begin the listening of this cd with a reflection: does the music anticipate, does it suffer or does it follow history?

What I want to say, I mean is it possible following the historical thread of the music to reconstruct or however to give a sense of belonging to a country or a particular historical moment? As to say: I was there and this music has been made in this way because it exactly represents what we were at that time?
Miles Davis thought that assignment of the music was that to be ahead of its times, to anticipate the future, the musician was aware of it or less, but in a certain sense this idea attributed to whom played (and composed) a magic, mystical, shamanic role.
Marco Minà tries to make an inverse run. In his cd Italians tries to reconstruct in the 150’s years anniversary a proper musical (classical) journey to represent our Italian country while is crossing a difficult and confused moment of its history.
The music choice is really interesting. Marco Minà plays with boldness and clean way the Grande Sonata in La Maggiore M.S. 3 by Nicolò Paganini, Sonata in Do Maggiore opus 15 by Mauro Giuliani, Sonata op. 77 by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco, Sonata Breve by Bruno Bettinelli (Minà loves evidently the form of the Sonata) and a version as “slanting” as interesting of the Italian Nationa Hymn by Mameli.
His guitars moves us between Napoleonic suggestions and dreams, revolutionary boldness, political restorations, republican impetuses, nightmares and sadness of the first and second Republic, to conclude with a National Hymn as transfigured in the initial part so melodic and intimate in the conclusion that by itself give a real meaning to the listening (and the purchase of the cd).
Minà plays and plays well and I like this intelligent way of biult and to give a different perspective to a recital, a beautiful idea made in the right moment, a wish for our country.