Les Nuages En France by Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio, Mode Records, 2011


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Marco Cappelli strikes again. After the exceptional EGP in 2006, still branded Mode Records, Mark returns with a new project and a new album by the magical and cinematic atmosphere like a black and white film by Louis Malle. The new CD came out with an unusual formation of a trio that sees the presence of Ken Filiano on bass and Satoshi Takeshi on drums finds inspiration in the detective novels by Fred Vargas, a pseudonym of the French writer Frédérique Audouin-Rouzeau.
Marco was so impressed by the full of suspense atmosphere of the novels that he wanted to recreate those scenes in chiaroscuro tones of his music, naming each of the songs with clear references to the characters that populate the Vargas’ books, along with the poems created by the Italian writer Barbara Raggi. Perhaps the attraction to these issuesis due , as explained in the notes by Cappelli himself, to the fact that Marco’s father worked as a judge in Naples. Or maybe it was affected by the passion for cinema. The result is an exceptional cd, which reworks the years passed by Marco in New York in contact with his classical and contemporary training. The musicians that accompany him are excellent travel companions and strong is the sense of community and sharing that we can hear in this record.
Cappelli seem to have assembled his Acoustic Trio to find an appropriate accompaniment to his unusual instrument: a classical guitar amplified amended by the addition of eight sympathetic strings below the standard six, already listen to in EGP. We breathe a perfect interplay, it seems that musicians are telepathically linked to each other and do not need any verbal communication to understand each other.
Ken Filiano is a bassist who has worked with such different artist like Nels Cline, Bobby Bradford, John Carter, Warne Marsh, Roswell Rudd, and Don Preston. Directs and composes for his quartet composed of Michael Attias, Tony Malaby, and Michael TA Thompson.
Satoshi Takeishi studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and has developed a very personal and individual approach towards the rhythm and musical color, influenced by his studies in Colombia and the Middle East. He has worked with a wide range of musicians such as 
Eliane Elias, Eddie Gomez, Randy Brecker, Dave Liebman, Anthony Braxton, Mark Murphy, Herbie Mann, and Paul Winter Consort. One of the best records of 2011!