Sculpting the Air, Navona Records, 2011

It may be a little strange for an Italian to discover that a label of music classical call Navona Records exists, that is a division of Parma Recordings and to discover that it doesn’t deal with an Italian company but it’s a U.S.A. label with base in the New England.

The we are talking about is entitled “Sculpting the Air” and it represents an effectiveness attempt to mainly document contemporary music based on wind instruments. The music have mainly been composed from American authors, all living ones, with the exception of Samuel Barber whose track “Summer Music” begins this collection.
The musics here introduced are all interesting ones, each one introducing different characteristics from the contemporary western dodecaphonic music to jazzy or Afro-american music. It’s very difficoult to choose a more interesting track in comparison to the others in a record where quality is undoubtedly high, I allow myself to signal the pleasant duo for saxophone way and piano “Reverie, Interrupted” by James Adler and the track, with the actual and ironically title, “A Forum for Abandoned Euro Leaders” by Barry Seroff, born in 1978, the younger between the composers in the cd.

Can the air be carved? Perhaps no, but surely moving with intelligence and creativeness its mass and position should be a strategy to create some interesting and yearning music.