Spirito di una Sonata by Pierluigi Potalivo


The repertoire of the classical guitar is a great source for a long time animate discussions: it’s criticized for its small dimensions compared to the musical scores avaible for other classical instruments as the violin and the piano, but it’s however appreciated for the quality and the cleverness of its interpreters.

Nevertheless the problem remains and it’s well known since Segovia’s times, with the necessity to widen the repertoire in different ways and forms, asking to the contemporary composers new scores (luckily our instrument in the last years is knowing a true renaissance with the contemporary music) or with the transcripts of music devoted to other instruments.
Anyway the repertoire is “narrow” and surely is not a good thing if everybody plays the same scores.
Spirito di una Sonata by the Italian guitarist Pierluigi Potalivo seems to go to this direction, in the search of new spaces, new dimensions. The homemade cd, avaible on Cdbabe, introduces an original and particular interpretation of the Sonata Op. 15 by Mauro Giuliani in his four movements (Allegro – Adagio – Scherzo – Rondò) and Cinque Momenti Possibili, five scores composed by the same interpreter in which Potalivo “meets” Sor, Debussy, Mompou, Lauro and Albeniz, imagining them particular situations refered to their human and artistic history.
Given that Pierluigi Potalivo shows a technique and an artistic maturity with which he could easily face the whole classical repertoire, the cd convinces in relationship to the “refresh” brought to a very consolidated tradition.
The Sonata op. 15 gets new strength, exposed in a new but light and sonority but respectful of the ideas of Giuliani, as beautiful are the “Cinque Momenti Possibili”, five tracks created in the spirit of the composers to which they are ideally devoted, five extremely finished up and pleasant sonorous sketches that sound new and at the same time don’t force the musician outside the classical canon. The titles are amusing (Studio Quando Fernando Sor spia Debussy, Canción Quando Federico Mompou pensa ad Albeniz, Tarantas Quando Joaquín Turina ricorda il canto di un gitano, Tarantella Quando il venezuelano Antonio Lauro torna a Napoli e Burlesca Quando Fernando Sor schernisce la sua stessa ‘maniera’) and ironic for a music in which resound the most important themes of the classical repertoire without the style falls typical of people like Giovanni Allievi. Well done!