The guitar music of the next age by Eugenio Becherucci, Sinfonica, 2001

This cd has a curious title, that would be able to call back to the past a suspicious listener something about a certain “new age” music, in many cases synonymous of a certain superficiality and of an poor exoticism-mysticism, despite some works of value realized from greta guitarists as Michael Hedges and Alex De Grassi. We don’t absolutely find ourselves in that parts but we are decidedly absorbed in the contemporary musical panorama. Here we have eleven music composed by Marco Gammanossi, Nicola Jappelli, Eugenio Becherucci, Bruno Giuffredi, Franco Cavallone, Giovanni Podera and Vittorio Vinay (almost all guitarists) written in the last twelve years, well recorded and interpreted with seriousness and devotion from Eugenio Becherucci himself. As suitable in the booket that accompanies the CD, it it’s possible to appreciate the musical visions of these different authors, listen to the variety of styles and the different choices operated by the same about writing and the different musical searches (we go from the modal-tonal one to the atonal-serial). All however with a common denominator: the attention of all toward the colors and the sound of the guitar, with results that put in prominence the expressive potentialities of our preferred instrument and always maintain the attention of the listener alive with the result of a pleasant and never heavy listening.
Perhaps, we shouls talk about crossover more then “next age”: there are no musical forms of breakup or opposition toward the tradition, the “new” looks toward the past and climb on its shoulders to look for new finishing lines and innovative solutions. The beautiful guitar sound of Becherucci, round, warm and colored well underlines the musics introduced to testimony of his interpretative and compositive abilities: Notturno Indiano and Tema are in fact his musical creatures.

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