The Ominous Corner by Marco Oppedisano, OKS Recordings of North America, 2008


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Musically, how it “plays” a threatening, dangerous corner ? Most likely playing the guitar with the “drones” space background. The drone seems to have been a key element in the experimental scene since La Monte Young and the early minimalists investigated the its possibilities and potential, in recent years, a small but gradually growing niche of artists have used the benefits of technological progress to settle among them the roots of guitar rock and contemporary music of the twenty-first century. Marco Oppedisano with this record confirms the membership of this group of investigators. “The Ominous Corner” is the result of a balanced balance between composition and improvisation, sound textures obtained with complex, finely woven and closely related pieces. Oppedisano not enjoy the popularity of his most prolific and most hypertrophied colleagues, but certainly enjoys the respect of colleagues and professionals which has led him to be included in “State of the Axe”, a photographic book by Ralph Gibson, a compendium of legends and leaders, along with Andy Summers, John McLaughlin, Lou Reed and Bill Frisell.
With the exception of “Triptych”, all the pieces on this disc are easily extended beyond ten minutes, with the four parts of the suite “Renewal”, which closes the CD epically. Within these times enlarged and extended, Oppedisano does not just ride the beat of a single mantra riff or is content to “develop” his themes in a traditional way. On the contrary, builds acoustic spaces that still contain linear, but which are actually shaped by the changing relationships and correlations of the various elements that living there: his compositions do not seem to have a definite beginning, but seem to grow organically from a soft core of ideas and principles, all without shooting or repetition and without reference to an “academic” structure.

The rhythm plays an important role for the album, without ever being a regular beat, but rather driving, most of the time (as in “Cityscape”), consists of sequences in the evolution of distorted sounds and frequencies, without a formal groove, generating a feeling of perpetual motion, giving at the same Oppedisano the great freedom to “fertilize” his tunes with his talents as a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. If you add to this a love declared for the Hard Rock and the soundscapes of “ambinet” derivation, “The Ominous Corner” reveals a release of excellent quality with a nervous tension under the skin that will keep you glued to the chair until the end.

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