#Review of PointCounterPoint, Harvey Valdes, 2016 on#neuguitars #blog


I like the title of this record that plays with the meaning of counterpoint, a cd made by the trio Harvey Valdes (Guitar / Compositions), Sana Nagano (Violin) and Joe Hertenstein (Drums) that seems to bring back to light the concept of power trio. A record that seems the result of a continuous series of different stylistic hybrids of jazz, metal, distorted sounds, atonal, counterpoint and rhythmic deviations.

Solutions not so unusual for Harvey Valdes that already with his first record Roundabout, in 2015, had impressed us with his particular musical melange, the result of his diverse interests and his many musical influences.

The particular use of Sana Nagato’s violin adds hot spices, creating an interesting amalgam with Valdes’s guitar that often prefers to give the main role to the violin, leaving for himself the crucial role of creating a harmonic and melodic basis for dialogue with the drums of Joe Hertenstein.

The seven tracks on the disc easily bring me to remember that peculiar taste of Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin, Jean Luc Ponty, Hot Tuna, Uzeb and Didier Lockwood, but here we are far from fusion and jazz rock of the past. Music recorded on this PointCounterPoint denotes a more aggressive, more frequent and interesting use of polyrhythms and syncopated rhythms, great energy and the intensive use of distorted and atonal sounds that exchange and blend between violin and guitar.