Review of “Gustavo Leguizamon El Cuchi Bien Temperado” by Pablo Marquez, ECM

Imagine being an history’s professor at the high school. Imagine also be one of the most important Argentinian composers, but you are not very well known, maybe you are a shy person, even your students don’t know that you are the author of those Zamba melodies they like to listen to and to sing so much during the break between lessons. For you this is not a problem, you’re a quiet person, gentle, you haven’t that grave expressions that often accompanies your European peers composers, indeed, in your own music you can breathe a different attitude, because you don’t distinguish between high and low culture, you don’t close the window to popular music as Schoenberg did, indeed, you propose yourself as an intermediary between these two forms, as a connecting bridge, as a breeder, a shrewd pollinator, as your colleagues Ginastera and Pezzolla are already doing, bringing the European cultured language into folk music providing it with new colors and shades.

And now imagine that among your students there is a very young Pablo Marquez, he, the great artist who will take the place of Oscar Giglia in Basel. I think it is a great pride for you, am I right? Because you have seen this young student growing, maybe you have felt his passion for the guitar growing too, you have see him mature as an artist, you will see it leave your city, Salta, a beautiful city located on the Andes of half a million inhabitants, you will see it become the great musician he is today and you have see him transcribe and play your music. What a satisfaction, dear Professor Leguizamon!

I will apologize Professor: but I didn’t know your music. But luckily I already knew your former student Pablo Marquez and I have long since learned that when the ECM produces a new his own record, I should buy it immediately. And so now I’m listening to your music, your Zumba, 17 tracks, which he reinterpreted and arranged in his usual genial and innovative way.

Because, dear Professor, your student is not a “normal” guitar player. Not satisfied with the “normal” guitar repertoire and even with dell’accademica contemporary music, no, he needs something different, needs to explore, assimilate, understand and interpret … I believe that his music above all expresses this: a great curiosity and a great desire to explore, to grow and learn. And then to represent all this in new ways, different, exciting and engaging.
And it’s the case for this cd: “Gustavo Cuchi Leguizamón El Bien temperado”. Produced in 2015, Pablo Marquez playes here 17 songs, reading each one in a different musical key. It ‘s a truly remarkable record, Professor, I think that you can really be considered satisfied.