“solo bimhuis” by Joe Morris, Relative Pitch Records, 2015


Review of “solo bimhuis” by Joe Morris, Relative Pitch Records, 2015

Let’s do some order:

– 1995 No Vertigo, Leo Records
2000 Singularity, AUM Fidelity
– 2015 solos bimhuis, Relative Pitch Records LLC

These are three records for guitar only, three masterpieces made by a brilliant, innovative musician who never stand on his last position. Periodically, methodically Joe Morris takes his guitar, strictly acoustic, and he gets stream of thoughts, ideas, proposed in this case with his latest CD “only bimhuis” in the form of six songs recorded October 18, 2013 and October 2, 2014 the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, structure / theater / place dedicated to improvised music with a story that continues since 1974.
Morris is probably the number one free jazz guitarist, with an amazing discography where these three solo records only represent, in my opinion, the tip of a submerged impressive and creative iceberg . I always considered solo records only as very specific moments in the career of a musician, intimate moments of absolute freedom, where he can play without the compromises that playing with other people necessarily requires. With Joe Morris we have the opportunity to listen to three different times in his life, with three different CD. It allows us to capture the subtle and constant evolutionary dynamics that have always animated his desire to move always on the borders, on the frontier of music, in continuous expansion and exploration. In this “solos bimhuis” Morris prefers to explore complex and discontinuous rhythmic structures with constant changes using the possibilities offered by his acoustic archtop. The result is a classic “clean” sound whose variations are not given by the use of direct effects but by the ways with which Morris interacts with his instrument. When simplicity is synonymous with complexity.


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