Sarau para Radames Vitor Garbelotto, ddm Multimidia, 2015


Review of Sarau para Radames Vitor Garbelotto, ddm Multimidia, 2015

This is the ideal repertoire for a concert for solo Brasilian guitar. Guitarist Vitor Garbelotto managed to choose 11 songs just perfect for a great evening of music, 11 tracks with which to pay homage to the gaucho composer based in Rio de Janeiro, but also the authors who had had contact with the life and works of Gnattali : namely Raphael Rabello and Paulo Cesar Pinhero with their “Camara”, Tom Jobim with his “Meu amigo Radames”, Paulinho da Viola with “Sarau para Radames”, Ernesto Nazareth with “Escorregando” Pixinguinha with “Rosa”, Anibla Augusto Sardinha Garoto with “Lamentos do Morro, Baden Powell and Vinicuius de Moraes with medlesy Canto de Yemanja / Canto de Xango and Chiquinha Gonzaga with Suspiro.
Garbellotto performs these songs with consummate skill, feels that this is his repertoire and knows how to manage it better, he is in his natural environment. But what surprises me is the quiet fluidity that is able to express with his guitar, is not a trivial matter, Garbelotto can play almost leaving his own guitar breathe, expressing a sense of breathe that, usually, it is the prerogative of those who attends more jazz’s territories than those with a classical education.
The music is awesome and Garbelotto knows how to put in the right light without neglecting a single note, and never showing a voltage drop, demonstrating excellent artistic maturity and a remarkable safety. If you want one record of Brazilian music in your collection, well… you can choose this one.