La Suave Melodia by Massimo Lonardi, Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli, Stradivarius 2008

Andrea Falconieri La suave melodia

Sometimes, around a day, we feel the need,( as was singing Franco Battiato some years ago) to try to live our lifes running with a different speed. A less excited rithm, a more relaxed time, so we shall enjoy our things better and live a full life. I know, it’s not easy, i’ s very difficult, as we struggled a thousand commitments, but sometimes it happens that something, an encounter with someone special, an interesting reading or listening help us to find the right way.

Maybe one of these moments should be the listening to “La Suave Melodia”, edited by the italian label Stradivarius, who has become a landmark thanks to his courageous choices: detailed monographs also by little known but of undoubted value authors, premiere recordings or new versions of old scores that have been forgotten or underestimated for such a long time.
The CD in cardboard edition with attached a 26 pages booklet in Italian and English, is about the seventeenth century Italian music, played with great dedication by Massimo Lonardi on arciliuto,Matteo Mela on baroque guitar and Lorenzo Micheli, theorbe and Baroque guitar. The composero are Andrea Falconieri, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Giulio Banfi, Girolamo Frescobaldi and Alessandro Piccinini, for 29 tracks for nearly 66 minutes of sweet, sweet music
What really transpires from this music, masterfully performed by the three interpreters, is its absolute contemporaneity, I know it’s music from the ‘600, but it seems to arrive through a quantum leap in time and yet from the first listen it sounds familiar, intimate and tells about life, our life inspiring deep emotions: joy, sadness, irony, sadness, and above all life itself, which shines and flows in the notes of the three interpreters.
It’s a stream, a stream of music that surrounds us and helps us to remember that there is another discreet, hidden perhaps beauty, but so close to us that can help u sto smile at life and leave us sated and satisfied at the end of 66 minutes. The life of every day calls us back, luckily there is the re-play button … click.
High quality recording.