THIS CLOSE by Janet Feder, bandcamp, 2015

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Review of  THIS CLOSE by Janet Feder, bandcamp, 2015

THIS CLOSE is the fifth album released by the American guitarist Janet Feder, a musician who has developed a very personal musical language, drawing inspiration from several separate sources such as folk, jazz, minimalism, classical, avant-garde and even pop music. Since the early nineties she began experimenting with her guitar, working with different tunings, adding objects to the strings, making her original, personal and unique sound.
For this album released in 2015 Feder has created nine almost haunting songs. But more than sounds we are talking about atmosphere, about the intimate soundscapes for each of these songs, which sound more like the distilled essence of a much bigger and deeper musical idea. In these songs, Janet Feder explores and takes to the limits the timbre of her prepared guitars, letting these instruments resound in the recording studio’s physical space, in three songs, including the opening “Crows” and “Ticking Time Bomb,” Feder sings with her fragile, very intimate, gently manipulated in the studio voice, which intensifies the delicate, emotional core of her songs.
Some of her instrumental pieces, such as “No Apology” and “You As Part Of A Whole,” has an elusive, charming solitary, distant cinematic quality. Similar to “Happy Everyday, Me” and “Happy Everyday, You” show a more innocent optimistic spirit. Janet Feder loves the sound of the guitar and tries every way to make it as a puremusical expression, even before the arrangements, melodies and her voice, which at times is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell.
By placing small objects, also in common use, in the strings of her guitar and banjo, on which stands a Danelectro baritone, Janet Feder gets very special and unusual sounds, immersed in a very minimal soundscape, adding just some percussion and some piano notes .
A very special record, please trust Janet Feder and simply marvel yourself.

1. Crows
2. Ticking Time Bomb
3. Happy Everyday, Me
4. No Apology
5. Happy Everyday, You
6. You At Part Of A Whole
7. Angles & Exits
8. She Sleeps With The Sky
9. T H I S C L O S E