Forastiere Live by Pino Forastiere, Candyrat Record,2009

A personal suggestion, when you will open this record. Inside you will find a cd and a dvd, please listen to the cd before.The audio and video recordings are perfect and the acoustic guitar of Pino Forastiere “sings” like a nightingale, his technique is excellent, his music is pleasant, dragging and dreamy, his timbre is clean and ringing, anyway please listen to you the cd before.

He will conquer you I assure it to you. If you are people as me that it has in his discoteque the vinyls and the cds of people like Michael Hedges and Alex De Grassi by Windham Hill or personalities as John Fahey and Robbie Basho by Takoma.. here you will find a new home.
Forastiere draws on this consolidated tradition of Rag, Blues and Bluegrass revising trough his training as a musician, as a classical guitarist by the Santa Cecilia’s Conservatory in Rome, and as a jazz and rock guitarist.
This Live fundamentally belongs to that category that once the critiques they pointed out as “a maturity record”, as if one decide in a moment of his artistic life “to throw a line” and to shot a snap shot of what he is in this instant and so a concert’s recording is certainly a good solution.
Forastiere is indeed a magician, here he shows all his stylistic repertoire about tapping, slap, percussive hits on the box and on the handle, open tunings and games of right and left hands so that listening to him you can asks yourself how many the guitars and how many hands are in this cd. This is the reason why you have to listen to the cd first then to watch the dvd, because when you will look at the dvd and you will see him play you will remain with your mouth opened. But … Forastiere is not a ham, or an actor, one whom uses cheap tricks for a public that is satisfied with holy smoke and not with real music, his “musical form” is perfectly devised for its “function” and and offer real “substance” with that beautiful joint of sounds, that counterpoint balance among rhythmics and melody that makes his passages also appreciated from who doesn’t have the least idea about acoustic guitar. Try it, watch him but above all listen to him.