Guitar Republic by Guitar Republic (Pino Forastiere, review, Sergio Altamura, Stefano Barone) Candyrat Records, 2010

I have been looking for it a long time on the world maps, this Italian Repubblica delle Chitarre (Guitars Republic). At the end I have found her on a map compiled by Candyrat Records, closer to other indistinct and from the suitable uncertain borders territories as “hic sunt leones” and “finis Africae.” Yet the Republic is well organized, it has his “GR Airport” where among the terminals you can listen to Brazilian rhythms and echoes, a “Republic Avenue” ample and expanse, a “Radio Republic” where the blues live in, a “Moon Park Republic” built on flamenco sounds and even a “Ghetto Republic” where sharp slide guitars live.

The management of this Republic is submitted to Pino Forastiere, Stefano Barone and Sergio Altamura, every one holder of a six strings’ ministry. Otherwise from what happens in other states in which often all the ministers operate by their own, in the Guitar Republic the three “res publica” directors work together innovating, creating, promoting.. in a word playing their guitars.
They are three well integrated musicians among them, each one has his own assignment, his own voice, that changes, is modified, renews and stirs together building the sonorous pillars of this ideal Republic.

Each one of them brings his style and, even if not giving up or suppressing his own identity, succeeds at the same time to melt it and to make it show inside the passages in this cd. Not an easy thing!