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This work was originally used as music for the eponymous choreographed piece by Merce Cunningham, following the rhythmic structure of the dance and using a fixed gamut of tones. Throughout, resonances are sustained, either manually or with the use of pedal. The music is essentially a single melodic line, except for the last few bars. This work is available in the C.F. Peters compilation “Piano Works 1935–48” (catalog number noted). An arrangement for solo viola and ensemble of 4 violas exists (arranged in 1974 by Cage?) is also available; according to Stefan Hussong (in the liner notes accompanying the CD Dream – Stefan Hussong plays John Cage, Denon CO-18069), a revision for organ also exists.

In a Landscape

The rhythmic structure of this supremely lyrical work is 15 x 15 measures (5-7-3), following the structure of the Lippold dance for which it was written. The piece is similar to Cage’s Dream, but the fixed gamut of tones is more extensive. Resonances are sustained throughout the composition by using both pedals. The sound of the composition is soft and meditative, reminiscent of the music of Erik Satie.