#video TOSHIO HOSOKAWA – VOICELESS VOICE IN HIROSHIMA [für Solist, Sprecher, Chor, und Orchester, 1989 | 2001] on #neuguitars #blog

Roche Commissions
Composer Toshio Hosokawa, recipient of the Roche Commission for 2010

Toshio Hosokawa (*1955)
Voiceless Voice in Hiroshima
00:00 I. Preludio “Night” (1989)
13:55 II. Death and Resurrection (1989 | 2001)
31:27 III. Winter Voice (2001)
47:47 IV. Signs of Spring (2001)
54:45 V. Temple Bells Voice (2001)

Theresa Kohlhäufl, Tim Schwazmaier, August Zirner (Spr.), Nathalie Stutzmann (Alt), Symphonieorchester und Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Sylvain Cambreling (dir.).

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