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Review of Franz Schubert Winterreise, Raphael Favre and André Fischer, Stradivarius 2013

Talking about the good old and familiar question about poverty and narrowness of the classical guitar’s repertoire .. how can we say about this cd?
As rightly the excellent guitarist André Fischer writes: if Necessity is the Mother of Invention, these pieces are born out of necessity, or perhaps I should say urgency, by the desire to present the Leider Winterreise’s cycle by Schubert in a new form, for voice and guitar. Forward operation conducted successfully by the interpreters, despite the legitimate opposing point of views had under its making. Never mind, Schubert’s melodic songs, in fact, accords with the nature of the guitar, an instrument he played for his fun, although the original piano version made for these Leider.
In the past there were few guitarists who tried to transcribe these leider for guitar: the German guitarist Tilman Hoppstock had arranged twelve leider, while a full version had already been made by the Japanese guitarist Masanobu Nishigaki and the version presented in this CD integrates them with some variations motivated by the desire to respect as much as possible the original scores.
I have to admit that I’m not particularly passionate or attentive to vocal music and then I don’t think to be able to make a judgment on Raphael Favre’s qualities. I can write anyway that this CD has still impressed me, the music is very nice, both the interpreters express great serenity, naturalness and a certain autumnal and romantic spleen that invite you to an attentive and relaxed listening.
Oh the sweet Mitteleuropa….