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Review of J.S.Bach Sonatas Sébastien Singer and Andre Fischer, Stradivarius, 2016

Bach. Namely the complexity when it’s not perceived as such, because it’s the bearer of a message of high beauty that our ears and our brains tune into another frequency wave leaving themselves lead by the musical waves they receive and who are able to clean and heal our spirit. Excuse me, for this “saccharine” beginning, but this cd is really nice and interesting. The performers are talented and listening to them is pure pleasure, we have to think that these sonatas, BWV 1027-1029, magnificently interpreted by Sébastien Singer and André Fischer, had been composed for viola da gamba and harpsichord. Listening to this record, which sees the guitarist André Fischer playing again for the Italian independent label Stradivarius can bring us to two different conclusions: the first one, once again we are amazed by Bach’s compositional mind, the genius of his writing and the beauty of his musical structure, so flexible and complex enough to be translated and performed by other instruments, other than those chosen for the original scores. The second is the intelligence and the artistic and cultural sensitivities of these two interpreters, frankly this is the first time I listen to guitar and cello playing together as a duo and I was uncertain about their result, if indeed, as written in the booklet that accompanies the CD, the guitar could validly replace the role of the harpsichord, it was the relationship and balance with the cello that presented the greatest difficulty. One difficulty successfully passed twice: not only redistributing effectively and balanced entries between the two instruments without obscuring or limit any of their respective color capabilities, especially without altering the structure, the mesh of Bach’s counterpoint, that intangible architectural structure seemingly fragile, which is maintained, supported and paradoxically multiplied, crumbling while listening, and that the essence of beauty expressed by the great German composer.
So if at this moment, you feel against yourself the doom’s musical prophets that like Lady Macbeth’s crows dirge long gray and monotonous chants to yesterday, today and tomorrow’s music, listening to this album it will bring you new light and hope in your lives and prove to you, hopefully once and for all, that music, great music, of whatever genres, is living through the skills of its performers and their creative and musical intelligence, not through the arrogance of those , calling himself “musical critic” stands as a bulwark of the past (for him) now lost beyond which there is no redemption, and of which he alone contains his keys, a novel Sauron for music. Or, until you have listened to the wrong interpreters, gray photocopiers of a tradition that gradually fades away. Open yourself to the imagination and intelligence of these two excellent performers: Sébastien Singer (cello) and André Fischer (classical guitar), you will be amazed and you will emerge invigorated. Long life.