Guardia Vieja by Tango Tres, Edizioni Musicali Borgatti, 1998

“Tango breached and there lies his appeal. In that sense of freedom that turns on all kinds of emotion. Tango wins simple way because listening to it or watching it dancing make you want to wear a pair of tango’s shoes and let themselves be led … ” taken from “Tango” by Jorge Luis Borges

Tango, unfailing presence in contemporary music for guitar, expresses powerfully its suggestive vision in this fine record by trio Tango Tres, Donato D’Antonio on guitar, Vittorio Veroli on violin and Silvio Zalambani on sax. If you are looking for Astor Piazzolla here you will not find any traces, the record’s title itself “Guardia Vieja” leaves no doubt: here you play, listen and dance the pre-Piazzolla tango, signed by composers and musicians like Villoldo, Greco, Arolas and Rodrigues, the gaucho tango tradition. Unusual, that’s true, the ensemble that plays it, but the skill of the musicians and the beauty of the detailed arrangements of the same Zalambani allow to express all the sweat, all the passion of this poignant, melancholic and powerful music. The tango, half-breed son of immigrants who built the Argentina, the only “blues” that was allowed to play and dance and fight here plays elegant and energetic, without any sweetening music or dull sentimentality. Listen to Tango Tres, dance Tango Tres. You will not forget them easily.


“The old tango as a music, soles directly transmit the bellicose joy whose verbal expression cultivated in prehistoric times the rhapsodic Greece and Germany.”
From Evaristo Carriego by Jorge Luis Borges.

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