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Review of Triplain by Paolo Sorge, Improvvisatore Involontario, 2016

“Triplain? Triple Plain or Triple Playing, or Trip Lane or Triplane or whatever your imagination could suggest, just close your eyes and listen for the next 33 minutes! Instrumental music is about telling stories without words.. “


Paolo Sorge likes to play with words, and he is not the only one doing this in Improvvisatore Involuntario’s company: also Francesco Cusa no jokes. But when we talk about music neither of them, in fact none of the three of them, including double bass player Gabriele Evangelista, like to joke and they prove it with this new Triplain work, a title that we can play with as suggested by Paolo Sorge.
I can say that I’m following Sorge’s music some time, I have always followed his musical journey with great interest, a path that Sorge opened and built, playing and still playing in a very intelligent way, having in mind what he wanted to do.
What (pleasantly) surprises about his latest work is the remarkable “musical density” which he and his fellows have been able to enclose in 33 minutes of intense and powerful music. Yes it’s true instrumental music can tell stories and in this case these are complex stories, whole stories that expand the time and exceed the 33 minutes away that Sorge sets with the seven tracks recorded here. Triplain is an album that doesn’t end in a few plays and that is worth to resume after some time. The reason? It ‘s always nice to listen to good stories … there is always something new to discover and learn … Perfect recording quality, I have never listen to Sorge’s guitar with such a beautiful sound.

1- Divergenze (3:18)
2- Floating (3:09)
3- Idea Due (6:04)
4- Ciclosfera (3:38)
5- Slonimsky’s Domino (7:50)
6- Triplain (2:26)
7- TreDueNove (6:51)

Paolo Sorge: guitar and compositions
Gabriele Evangelista: double bass
Francesco Cusa: drums