#Review of Ringlike by Paolo Sorge, Improvvisatore Involontario, 2015 on #neuguitars #blog

I quote from Paolo Sorge’s website: http://www.paolosorge.com/

“The title of my new project relates primarily to the principle that it is the primary inspiration: the exploration phase composition, performative and improvisatory of various shapes of “cyclical” music.I try to put the spotlight on the pulse and rhythmic counterpoint. I have always been convinced that even the most abstract musical expression can be communicative and engaging if the listener has the opportunity to recognize the cyclical nature of a rhythm, to feel the rhythm of a musical gesture or the cyclic return of a thematic element already heard just before, or maybe to surrender meekly to the trance induced by the repetition of a sound element. The presence of a rhythm section jazz that “pulses” in an almost constant is functional to this communication strategy. “

New album and a new project for the multifaceted Italian guitarist Paolo Sorge who realises a new record with the italian indipendent label Improvvisatore Involuntario a few years away by his excellent electric guitars quartet cd Tetraktys. Accompanying the Italian guitarist we have a  sextet composed by Carlo Cattano flute, alto flute, small and soprano sax, Marco Caruso on alto sax, Cristofaro Gaetano on bass clarinet , Sebastiano Bell’Arte french horn, Alberto Fidone on double bass and Peppe Tringali drums. The group’s composition recalls the nonet arranged by Gil Evans for his monumental “Out of the Cool” with the bass clarinet and horn called to extend the tonal palette and give a darker tone to the overall sound of the band called to play catchy melodies and refined arrangements, however, characterized by a remarkable formal  and writing accuracy as precise and elegant. Paolo, on his website, rightly speaks about his deliberate communication effort aimed at making better appreciate music that is instead the result of a considerable executive and composition effort  expressed by complex geometries and rhythmic harmonics created by himself. He created eight songs  for this circular listening properly and ideally closed with the song “Intro”. 

This record shows a group of talented musicians, all excellent performers and improvisers, where Sorge’s guitar gets its right spaces (it’s still a record made by a guitarist) drawing evocative and impressionistic leaks that enrich even more these, so expressive, songs. Bravo Paolo!