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Review of NewDance by David Starobin, Bridge Records 1998

With this cd “Newdance” released in 1998, David Starobin and Bridge Records give form to an extremely interesting project by presenting a series of pieces for classical guitar dedicated specifically to the dance. The underlying idea is simple: ask to 18 different composers a piece each dedicated to dance. Any form of dance. The result are 18 fresh passages wonderfully interpreted by Starobin’s guitar, 18 completely different pieces, moving with quiet aplomb between very entertaining contributions like those of John Anthony Lennon ( “Gigolo”), Jorge Morel ( “reflexiones Latinas” ) and Steve Mackey ( “San Francisco Shuffle”) to more modern and ethereal forms by Milton Babbitt and Elliott Carter, which at first glance are not exactly the kind of composers that you can think of for dance music, modern or not. This record moves in graceful dance step between rags, waltzes and tangos passing between chaconnes and courantes, up to abstract visions of modern dance.
This CD is a double tribute, composers and dance offered by one of the most interesting and creative guitarists present on the world stage, Starobin charms and amazes, amuses and delights proving that fun, dance, modern music and a great guitar can go hand in hand , without boring, without snobbish intents. Just good music.
A must for guitar fans and not only the classical, indispensable for those who want to broaden their mental and musical horizons and start thinking in terms of interdisciplinarity between the different art forms. Please note that this cd has received a Grammy nomination in 1998 and was later named Best Solo Classical CD of the Year, by the AFIM Indie Awards. Clean and crisp recording

Stephen Jaffe: Spinoff (1997)
Jorge Morel: Reflexiones Latinas (1997)
Elliot Carter: Shard (1997)
Mario Lavista: Natarayah (1997)
William Bland: Rag Nouveau (1996)
Bert Sorensen: Angelus Waltz (1996)
John Anthony Lennon: Gigolo (1996)
Steve Mackey: San Francisco Shuffle (1997)
Richard Wernick: Da’ase (1996)
Apostolos Paraskevas: Chase Dance (1996)
John Duarte: Valse en Rondeau (1997)
Milton Babbitt: Danci (1996)
Michael Starobin: The Snoid Trucks up Broadway (1997)
Jonathan Harvey: Sufi Dance (1997)
Per Norgard: Serenita (1996)
Poul Ruders: Chaconne (1997)
Paul Lansky: Crooked Courante (1997)
Bryan Johanson: Open Up Your Ears (1997)