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Review of Nicola Jappelli Guitar Music by Andrea Dieci, Brilliant Classic, 2013

“This project was for me the opportunity to address a completely new repertoire on records, largely made up for me and dedicated to me. I feel like the more personal disc between those that I have recorded.” Andrea Dieci


The first time I heard the music of Nicola Jappelli was with Eugenio Becherucci’ cd called “The Guitar Music of the Next Age” (2001), the passage was “Su Echi di Mompou” (1994), in three movements, a small homage for the Catalan pianist and composer, freely inspired by the theme that characterizes the third movement of his collection 6 Impresiones Intimas.
With great pleasure I find his music in this complete works produced by Brilliant ha mix togheter his copious production for guitar realized in a time span ranging from 1995 with Luglio ’95 (Interlude) at 2011 Overshadow (Nocturne) dedicated, along with the triptych Light Frameworks (2002), Sectional Drawings (2004) and Sharp Outlines (2007), to the guitarist who made this CD, Andrea Dieci that with this record began his collaboration with this indipendent label.
In his interview for the blog Neuguitars, Andrea Dieci talks about this collaboration that started more than ten years, precisely with the triptych of which we said a moment ago and which has continued playing other youth pieces like Orizzonte ad Est and the Sei Intonazioni, which seem to sum the stylistic idioms adopted by Jappelli: an advanced harmonic language, so rich in contrasts, but which expresses a very pleasant serenity, and in-depth study of the possibilities and sounds offered by the guitar.
In Fly Far Away we find a dialogue between two guitars, constantly moving between tension and relaxation, where the same Jappelli, excellent guitarist, decides to join Andrea Dieci.
Jappelli’s composing is definitely idiomatic and betrays his nature as a guitarist, the passages are well-written, orchestrated and full of sensitivity and color, color that often Jappelli seeks  using solutions like changing the tuning of the instrument, lowering and raising the pitch of the strings, exploring the expressive possibilities, changing the tonal range of the instrument, thereby creating new harmonic effects. A nice and pleasant record.

1 Light Frameworks: I. Moderatamente
2 Light Frameworks: II. Vivace e ritmico
3 Sectional Drawings
4 Sharp Outlines
5 Interlude. Luglio ’95
6 Orizzonte ad est
7 Fly Far Away for Two Guitars
8 Sei Intonazioni: I. Tranquillo
9 Sei Intonazioni: II. Con slancio
10 Sei Intonazioni: III. Andante mosso
11 Sei Intonazioni: IV. Deciso: mosso e ritmico
12 Sei Intonazioni: V. Andante calmo ed espressivo
13 Sei Intonazioni: VI. Adagio
14 Nocturne. Overshadow