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Review of Nautilus by Francesco Morittu, Star Recordings, 2016

Nautilus. This word for me at least a couple of meanings / links / memories. Primarily the beautiful shell, a true natural engineering masterpiece that in its elaborate development follows the progression of the Fibonacci series, secundis the Nautilus, the amazing submarine created by of the imagination of Jules Verne in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea that, when I was a kid, made me dream incredible adventures under the sea .. and I hope that it continues to fascinate new generations.
Now the Nautilus is a record, for solo guitar, made by the Italian guitar player Francesco Morittu, Francesco Morittu, guitarist and composer in Cagliari, graduated in classical guitar and has a DAMS degree in Ethnomusicology in Bologna with a thesis on the guitar dances played in Campidano (southern Sardinia). A borderline figure, as well as the music that could be defined as such in this record, first release for solo guitar by the independent label Stella Recording by Stefano Guzzetti. This beautiful cd is an elaborate and complex mix of different influences, ideas and genres. Please do not use the term crossover, I hate cordially, if we should think about a definition for this record I think we shall speak about an “elaborate Mediterranean synthesis between the Spain of Tarrega’s classical guitar Tarrega, Ralph Towner’s jazz, flamenco and Italian folk tradition” . A complex and complicated mix that Morittu can manage and transform in clean, structured and unstructured notes, into a musical journey that hugs the “Mare Nostrum”‘s shores which ultimately brings us back to our country (Italy), grappling with its reality and its ghosts with the sad song “Capaci, May 23, 1992”.
A good album that seems more the result of the need to fix a repertoire developed over several years of concerts, past collaborations and long hours working on the instrument, more than the result of a planned series of compositions. My compliments.


Artist. Francesco Morittu
Title. Nautilus
Label. Stella recordings
Cat. ID. SR04CD
Format. Four panels gatefold digicard
Release date. June 1st, 2016

01. Rame (feat. Natalia Bocco) (4:12)
02. Nautilus (5:34)
03. Marco Polo (4:06)
04. Come in un valzer (3:54)
05. Buono dopo il caffè (1:28)
06. Pape (2:16)
07. Ossessione flamenca (4:00)
08. Capaci, 23 maggio 1992 (3:52)
09. Compagni di viaggio (2:04)
10. Vino rosso (4:08)
11. Gnossienne n.1 (feat. Simone Soro) (4:55)

SR04CD (04)