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scansione0007Review of Immortal Light by Buck Curran, Obsolete Recordings, 2016


A thin ring of white light. The thin ring of light created by a solar eclipse illuminates the darkness in the first solo cd cover made by Buck Currant, along co-founder with his former partner Shanti Deschaine of experimental psych-folk duo Arborea.
The result is a beautiful, intimate, delicate record crossed by a dreamy beauty, dreamy atmosphere, a perfect mix between gently sparkling acoustic guitars and banjo, dilated harmonium carpets and Shanti ethereal voice echoing in the three songs Immortal Light, New Moontide and Bad Moon Rising.
Curran is not a guitar virtuoso, his skill lies not in the ability to create complex songs (from the guitar point of view) or to create memorable guitar solos, as in knowing how to orchestrate and manage his instruments by creating atmospheres in which darkness and light balance in a complex but attractive amalgam. A truly autumn atmosphere, one that makes you think that behind every tree trunk can hide a fairy or a troll .. highly recommended if you love Six Organs of Admittance.

“There is a light that never goes out” sang The Smiths years ago ….

1. Wayfaring Summer (Reprise) 02:55
2. New Moontide 05:29
3. Sea of Polaris 04:58
4. Seven Gardens to Your Shore 04:41
5. River unto Sea 07:46
6. Bad Moon Rising 03:59
7. Andromeda 05:53
8. Buck Curran (featuring Shanti Deschaine) – Immortal Light