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Review of El Aleph 20th and 21th Century Guitar Music Smaro Gregoriadu, Delos Productions, 2016


Borges wrote, ” I saw the Aleph from all points, I saw in the Aleph the ground and in ground again the Aleph and the Alephin in the earth, I saw my face and my bowels, I saw your face and I felt dizzy and wept, because my eyes had seen the secret object, “

This record continues Smaro Gregoriadu’s musical exploration: if in her previous cd, Reinventing guitar II, she played with her particular guitars, fruit of Kertsopoulos Aesthetics’s work and insights, Scarlatti, Bach and Handel’s baroque music, here she confronts herlself with a rather contemporary repertoire. The goal, as she writes in the booklet accompanying the CD is twofold: ” …to Provide historically informed, well-substantiated, compatible guitar interpretations of Renaissance and baroque music That at the same time can be fresh, alive and convincing; and to offer a new reading for new repertoire, suitable for modern audiences and venues. “
The repertoire includes works by Peyrot, Barrios, Ponce, Henze, Koshkin, Hickey, Eespere, Rak, and the same Gregoriadou, whose score, El Aleph after Jorge Luis Borges, was performed by Open Source Guitars, directed by Helmut Oesterreich.
If I was already familiar with the music by Barrios Ponce, Henze and Koshkin, I did not know the music by Fernande Peyrot, important female Swiss composer of the 20th century, Sean Hickey, American composer, the spiritual music of René Eespere and Stepan Rak, who I knew only as an interpreter.
The result is a very interesting repertorire which presents new works along with other best-known. Another confirmation of Smaro Gregoriadu’s ability, both as a performer and as a composer.

Fernande Peyrot: Préludes pour Guitare
1. I. Larghetto
2. II. Moderato
3. III. Scherzando vivace
4. IV. Vivo con fuoco – più lento cantando – Tempo I
Agustin Barrios:
5. Prelude in C Minor
6. Las Abejas
7. Aire de Zamba
8. Danza Paraguaya No. 1
Manuel Ponce:
9. Thème, Varié et Finale
Hans Werner Henze: Drei Tentos
10. I. Du, schönes Bächlein
11. II. Es ndet das Aug oft
12. III. Sohn Laios
Nikita Koshkin:
13. Toccata
Sean Hickey:
14. Tango Grotesco
René Eespere:
15. Tactus Spiritus
Štěpán Rak:
16. Temptation of the Renaissance
Smaro Gregoriadou: El Aleph after Jose Luis Borges (for guitar ensemble)
17. I. Prism
18. II. Cantus
19. III. Yo, no…