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Review of Streams by Jakob Bro (ECM Records 2016)

I waited for this disc with high expectations. The Danish guitarist Jakob Bro is now emerging as one of the new worldwide leader in jazz and jazz guitar. To increase the sense of expectation also helped the many videos that were so popular on youtube in the last that immortalized the guitarist with his new trio with the living drum’s legend (I think it is now more than fair to call him that), the always smiling Joey Baron and bassist Thomas Morgan.
New lineup change then, something absolutely normal for Bro who throughout his career has always changed the associates of his trio at every new recording. Joey Baron, I think it is time that someone decided to write some book view his incredible musical career and his remarkable artistic personality, is a versatile drummer, the king of the flexible time, odd and polyrhythms, and one of the few masters of the instrument who can play melody on his drums.
Bassist Thomas Morgan, Californian born in 1981, also now an established name about his instrument with a palma res already full of collaborations and recordings.
The result? A pleasant cd, with 7 really excellent songs and the music … now how can I describe it? Atmospheric Jazz? Kinematics? Melodic, simple and complex at the same time? Harder, harder and harder. And all this and beyond. Jakob Bro continues to give us great satisfactions and I look forward to the future developments of his career. Thanks Mr. Bro, please us give us of this music. We all need it.