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Review of DésAccordes In C, Gazul Records, 2005


“DésAccordes’s rockers fundamentally ‘romantic’ soul led Director Erik Baron turn In C into a four-part piece, just as a conventional symphony, which is quite unusual for a piece that has been played until now in a continuous mode.”

This record is a symphonic version for guitars of In C. The French ensemble DésAccordes realizes, without overdubs of any kind, this particular version of In C, very different from the usual ones. What characterizes shows this record? Let’s see.
First of all the ensemble shows a rich strumentation, seven classical guitars, nine electric guitars, seven bass, harp, two cellos, percussion and drums. Which create a very rich, orchestral sound.
Second, the execution is orchestrated just like a symphony, with a prologue and four movements, so with a different organization that exceeds the flow, the musical “stream of consciousness”, defined by 53 cells envisaged in the original score.
Third: the prologue of over four minutes hides the brilliant idea of replacing the initial pulse with a powerful tremolo gradually joined by all the instruments, with the result of a powerful sound wave, a dark crescendo (even with the seven basses) which portends movements of impressive sound masses.
Masses freely unfold over the next four movements, where Erik Baron effectively coordinate his ensemble combining the softer sound of classical guitars together by the strongest electric instruments, leaving them the role to bring out these melodic parts and create great unisons to which to alternate in the second movement, even the slightest sound of classical instruments, creating the most quiet moments with a strong alternation of lights and shades.
The final is very nice, with the guitars played like mandolins, creating a more relaxed and subdued atmosphere..