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Review of Soledad by Susan Alcorn, Relative Pitch Records, 2015

Susan Alcorn play fantastic and beautiful music in this amazing “Soledad”, a new solo pedal steel guitar cd completely dedicated to the music of the great Argentine composer and accordionist Astor Piazzolla. If Piazzolla is well known for his particular “music blend”, that combine the tango, jazz and classical music, Susan Alcorn has been able with her instrument to reach a new high level quality. She made a real tribute creating a whole new world of sounds, arrangements and tones. Her pedal steel guitar sounds like an orchestra, an organ, creating new pallettes of sounds, atmosphere, textures, rythms, architectures to service in a new way Astor Piazzolla’s music.
It’s amazing to hear her playing tango in this way: Alcorn manages to create an ethereal structure of great depth without being tied to tango’s basic structure: the ternary rhythm. Tango’s beating heart here seems to disappear, dissolving itself into the sublimate intense melody played by her pedal steel guitar. It’s an intelligent and delicate deconstruction work, that with slow and elegant precision breaks down, examine and then resumes all Piazzolla’s passages, always mindful of the original melody.
Five starts for bassist Michael Formanek’s intervention in the “Suite for Ahl”
There is something extremely delicate, so clean and clear in Susan Alcorn’s slide guitar. You will not regret it, I promise. Hightly recommended.