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Review of Local Objects by Zsofia Boros, ECM, 2016 


Hungarian-born but from a long time living in Vienna, Zsofia Boros is an extraordinary classically trained guitar player, devoted to the interpretation of the best contemporary music for guitar: her style spans a wide musical spectrum, wider even than her amazing debut “En otra parte”, published in 2013, always for Manfred Eicher’s ECM label. Her second CD, “Local Objects”, continues her courageous musical journey started with her previous cd, proposing in this “Local Objects” eight pieces of as many authors as the Brazilian Egberto Gismonti (so evocative his evocative “Celebracao de Nupciass” coming from the magnificent “Danza Dos Cabecas” record), the Milonga composed by the Argentine Jorge Cardosa, the introspective “Vertigo Shadow” by the surprising and unexpected jazz rock guitar player Al Di Meola, the four movements of the classic “Koyunbaba Op 19” by the Italian Carlo Domeniconi and the song composed the Azerbaijani composer Franghiz Ali-Zadeh.
This decidedly eclectic record, like its author, is able to combine different compositional styles together, all fused together by an amazing musical sensibility and a guitar sound among the best now available to any listener who demonstrate a minimum mindedness. Beautiful record, I sincerely I apologize for the late review. Crystal sound and perfect ECM’s style recordings.
Zsofia Boros means certainty.

1.NOCTURNE (Mathias Duplessy)
2.CELEBRAÇÃO DE NÚPCIAS (Egberto Gismonti)
3. I Moderato 02:56
4. II Mosso 01:36
5. III Cantabile 03:31
6. IV Presto 03:46
7.MILONGA (Jorge Cardoso)
9.FANTASIE (Franghiz Ali Zadeh)
10.INSPIRAÇÃO (Anibal Augusto Sardinha)
11.GOTHENBURG (Alex Pinter, Stephan Dickbauer