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Review of Bergson – Aschour Duo, ArsPublica, 1995

The guitar and flute seem to be a duo that, from a long time, has fascinated classical and contemporary music’s composers. If in classical music composers took advantage by the gentle and refined sound of these two instruments composing serenades, nocturnals, but also the sonatas, with the guitar in a melodic function, when it comes to contemporary music, the question becomes much more complex and articulated.
The presence of an extraordinary interpreter as Severino Gazzelloni, had stimulated many Neu Musik’s composers composing for the flute expanding enormously the expressive potential of the instrument. The same can be said for guitar.
This CD by the duo formed by flutist Amelie Berson and guitarist Didier Aschour moves on these coordinates, looking for to expand the repertoire available for these two instruments.
This CD is made by ten tracks, five of them are equal compositions by Walter Prati, each of them entitled “Gioco 1, 2, 3, 4, 5”, Prati is both interpreter and composer, and his musical research led him always around the interactions between traditional musical instruments and new electronic tools, and to collaborate with musicians from other areas and in particular improvisation as Evan Parker, Thurston Moore and British singer Robert Wyatt, with whom he made recording projameliects and live performances
Other musics are divided among five other Italian composers: “The Latest New” is the piece composed by Claudio Gabbiani, whose biography explains how “despite classical guitar and composition studies, he is always busy, in fact, to cultivate and deepen his interests in music in the broadest sense (classical, rock, electronic and experimental) and his relationship with the moving images, presenting himself both as a performer, a composer, a producer and organizer. ” Matteo Pittino signs “Le Parole in Ombra” (1995), Pittino was born in 1958 in Udine where he began his studies in piano and composition. Then he devoted himself particularly to the vocal music composition collaborating, also as director, with several choirs. In 1982 he graduated in choral music and choir conducting at the Conservatory “G. Tartini” under the guidance of M. Sofianopulo. Going to Milan in 1987, he continued his composition studies at first with Adriano Guarnieri then, at the “G . Verdi” in Milan, with Giuseppe Giuliano under whose guidance he graduated. He currently lives and works in Milan where, in addition to performing as a teacher, he devoted specifically to research in electro-acoustic field. He collaborates with many artists and associations active in musical experimentation.
Riccardo Vaglini is the author of “Fragile”, the longest track on the disc. Italian composer and performer, he studied piano in Pisa with Luisagrazia Caldi, counterpoint in Lucca with Gaetano Giani-Luporini to graduate in composition at the Milan Conservatory with Giuseppe Giuliano, perfecting then with Giacomo Manzoni. From 1988 to 1994 he attended the Darmstadt Ferienkurse getting two scholarships. In 1995 he was composer in residence at MM&T-Musica Musicisti Tecnologie in Milan . Since 1993 he has taught composition, from 1999 to the Conservatory of Venice. From 1994 to 2003 he is the artistic director of ArsenaleMusica in Pisa. In 1998 he founded, with Andrea Nicoli and Riccardo Dapelo, the italian label ArsPublica with which by then he published all his works, including this CD.
“Schloss cafe night activity report” is composed by Massimo Mariani, composer, producer, sound engineer, sound designer with over 25 years of experience “in the field” and teaching. Working for film production in Audio sector; discography, post-production, music consulting and mixing in 5.1, and teaching and give lectures in high level schools, both in the field of music that sound engineering.
Last but not least, the passage “Le Dame di Ieri” by Valerio Rossi.
If I had to define this music I would not hesitate to use the term: “nocturnal”. These are good examples of re-search music moving themselves in a subtle and difficult border between atonal, the micro-tonal and melodic zones. The composers have all chosen the clear/dark, almost winter atmospheres creating dreamlike, rarefied sound narrations. The two instruments move, in a perfect balance, in the thin twilight of the sounds evoked by themselves, leaning on each other as they build togheter delicate and diaphanous musical canvases.
It’s a fascinating and unfortunately little known repertoire. I invite you to listen to it..

1 Claudio Gabbiani The latest news
2 Walter Prati Gioco n.1
3 Matteo Pittino Le parole in ombra
4 Walter Prati Gioco n.2
5 Riccardo Vaglini Fragile
6 Walter Prati Gioco n.3
7 Massimo Mariani Schloss café night activity report
8 Walter Prati Gioco n.4
9 Valerio Rossi Le dame d’ieri
10 Walter Prati Gioco n.5