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Reviews of Deeprint by Santi Costanzo, Improvvisatore Involontario, 2016


The first thing that strikes me about this cd, about this deep imprint left by Santi Costanzo following the other prints of his mentor Paolo Sorge, is the formation of his quartet: Santi Costanzo on guitar and author of all the compositions; Fabio Tiralongo on flute, soprano and tenor saxophone; Carlo Cattano the alto flute and baritone saxophone and Alessandro Borgia on drums. No bass or double bass. Very different from the standard jazz quartet and then a carrier of new ideas and new possibilities.
The second thing that impressed me however these words are present in Santi Costanzo’s website: “In “Deeprint”, the first element concerning the compositional aspect, therefore related to melodic application, polyphonic and polyrhythmic, is characterized by the recourse  to seriality. It follows a reference to classical contemporary music of the second half of the XX century, imported and adapted to a jazz context not free from contaminations of genre.
The second value is distinguished by the extemporaneous composition, traceable in the prologue as in the epilogue, framing the album, both of them as a structured extemporaneous improvisation.
To conclude, the aspect bound to free improvisation, sometimes also guided through the use of conductions.”


I find them very interesting and exciting: in an artistic world that continues to question itself and define itself as open to all creative possibility is great to see and hear a sample of a so deep musical diversity: this CD offers a varied listening, always interesting. I would like to underline the careful interplay between the musicians of the quartet, if the leader’s voice is felt more as a spirit guide than as a structured conductor, other instrumentalists give everything they can pushing to the limits the capabilities of their instruments and providing a really interesting summary and union. A great debut album. Costanzo shows a very nice sound, versatile and rich, I think he plays a Gibson 335.