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Review of Heptachord by Nicola Mogavero and Alessandro Blanco, Almendra Music, 2016

Shall I make you a question? What do you think could be the most snubbed instrument by classical composers? If your answer is: the classical guitar, it means two things: first you are classical guitarists, the second you never thought about sax. Yes, the saxophone, the noble single reed instrument, inserted in the woodwind family (even if I do not understand why because entirely metal made) invented by Adolphe Sax, it does not enjoy much consideration in classical music, consideration and esteem that are bestowed by the jazz musicians.
Equally rare, even in jazz, are the duos for guitar and saxophone. These two instruments barely walk togheter, yes of course there are significant differences between them though … maybe some courage lacked by musicians and composers?
So I listened with great interest to this CD produced by the italian duo made by Nicola Mogavero (soprano sax) and Alessandro Blanco (guitar) who play with with skill and intelligence the interesting music by Dimitri Nicolau (Grottapinta Op. 200) and Melo Mafali (Trittico di Vulcano)
This record is very interesting, relaxed and it features some Mediterranean characteristics . The music is very melodic and allows to listen to with pleasure. The technical characteristics of these two instruments have constrained composers who have opted for effective solutions leaving mainly melodic parts to sax and backing parts to the classical guitar, which plays this role by resorting to every possible arpeggios, percussive solutions, pinched, in short playing and exploiting all its expressive possibilities. In their bandcamp site the CD is filed under these tags: acoustic modernclassical classical mediterranean modern classical modern composition neue musik new classical saxophone Italy. There are not few ideas.