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Review of Chitarra Italiana XXI Sec. by Giacomo Baldelli, La Bottega Discantica, 2010

“To undertake study but not just on one track, focusing on the accuracy and the philology of the writing is to enter into the contents of the musical composition. In other cases it means to give prevalence to the study of gesture, which clearly accompanies the harmonic, melodic, rhythmical and formal content. Sometimes it’s a duty to plan the gesture to mislead and choose the electronic. Isn’t that nice? It was all these attractions that made it impossible not to embrace the sonorous world in order to create “new” classics, as Baldelli says.”

“First, the formal issues.”
Jacopo Conti in La Musica di Fausto Romitelli, edited by Vincenzo Santarcangelo, Auditorium, 2014


I believe that these words written by Giulia Bassi in the booklet that accompanies this CD summarize perfectly the complex and elaborate creative process that lies behind this cd, released by Giacomo Baldelli in 2010, based on music composed by Italian composers: Luca Antignani, Maurizio Ferrari, Gaetano Nenna, Vincenza Ciullo, Carla Rebora and the late Fausto Romitelli. In fact, this CD shows a great variety of forms, ranging from the almost metal Trash TV Trance to Dowland and Britten’ s references in the Tre Piccoli Interludi by Gaetano Nenna, to the Quattro Liriche Greche by Maurizio Ferrari, to the musical microhaiku by Carla Rebora.
It’s a very complex record. In the booklet we can also read about “the unavoidability of the temporal journey”, a complex idea in the contemporary art spectrum that has made in these times confusion and the stylistic pluralism thier supporting appearances. In this album different styles and eras blend together, quoting seems the prevailing game and the really good interpretation of Trash TV Trance, seems to be its perfect seal.