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T h e W a s t e L a n d

Sound rituals in death of the repertoire

The Waste Land project aims at going beyond the concept of repertoire and to embrace that of relic: waste as desert, but also as scrap, unused thing. The land that has to be crossed is a fragmentary knowledge, a catalogue of dead things that take on new life when inserted into a different space, at the center of which there is sound. The text by T.S. Eliot is the dramaturgical starting point of an experience that involves writing, interpretation, improvisation, reproduction. The material which the waste land is made of – debris, human bodies in metamorphosis, water, oil, but also a crowd of voices that crosses the millennia – becomes a sonic scenography occasionally crossed by past musical experiences.

1. The burial of the dead

0:00 April is the cruellest month
7:40 A wicked pack of cards – Marco Molteni, to JL
10:40 Unreal city – Tristan Murail, Vampyr!

17:58 Gentleman in the audience, “cazzata assoluta, una puttanata assoluta” (bonus track)

2. A game of chess

19:07 The change of Philomel (strange synthetic perfumes) – Frank Martin, Air
23:04 My nerves are bad to-night
24:32 In rats’ alley – Marco Molteni, Rubber, lime and glue

3. The Fire Sermon
27:57 Oil and tar – Aphex Twin, Tree
38:30 Jug jug jug jug (so rudely)
43:23 Weialala leia (the Song of the Thames-daughters) – Marco Molteni, Effimere emergenze, eremi, eclissi

4. Death by water
50:38 Forgot the cry of gulls – Robert Johnson, Full fathom five

5. What the thunder said
55:56 After the frosty silence in the gardens – Francesco Pavan, Quartet for solo guitarist
1:06:12 Da. Da. Da.

Concept and performance: Lucia D’Errico

Original music by:
Lucia D’Errico
Francesco Pavan

Sonic contributions by:
Robert Johnson
Marco Molteni
Tristan Murail
Aphex Twin