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“We design the shape of our buildings, but then the buildings shape our lives” Winston Churchill

It doesn’t matters who is the author of this aphorism, and it doesn’t matter that it relates to architecture, the same kind of reasoning can also be addressed in different fields, from robotics, medicine, contemporary music, social networking and encyclopaedia.

We are living in an environment where information overload and proliferation of new forms of language leaves us sometimes euphoric for the huge field of possibilities that emerge in front of us, sometimes dismayed by the inability to manage all this mass of possibilities and make consistent and efficient choices. In the chaos of the signs, the facts are tracks only if we know what we’re looking for and if we interpret them, in practice are being achieved predictions and theories expressed by Umberto Eco in 1963 with his essay “Opera Aperta” (“Open Work”) and only a more mental opening and greater listening skills can help us resolve these rapid changes of perspective. In this sense, the guitar seems to be an instrument that has always practiced this ability to adapt to new social contexts and cultural space moving without any problem between different musical genres, generating new possible approaches for playing, always managing to stay current , popular and educated at the same time.

Within the areas of the classical guitar then it was realized (and it was noticed mainly by the composers) the vast possibilities of timbre and the wide areas that makes this instrument available for composers and performers. Open tunings, rasguado, games with both hands on the keyboard, use of bottleneck allow the performers to extract new sounds, new atmospheres, new possibilities. We can realize it listening to this excellent CD released in 1998 for the French label Arion, played excellently by Caroline Delume, this work is a collection of compositions for classical guitar all composed between 1984 and 1997, all world premiere recordings made by Spanish and French composers born between 1954 and 1966. They are therefore musics created not much time before the edition of the CD and realized by composers than ten years ago were between 32 and 43 years old, and it does not seem to me that have passed already 11 years after this release because the music sounds fresh and current, beautifully played by a guitarist with an excellent technique and a remarkable musical ability.

It’s nice to discover new music and new composers, it’s nice to hear such a good musician.

– Cadencia n 3 di Francisco Luque

– Trans-errance 1 di Bruno Giner
– 2.Bakarrizketa di Ramon Lazkano
– Luz Azul di Cesar Camarero
– Histories ancienned di Philippe Leroux
1 Historie de i
2 Historie ronde
3 Historie lourde
4 Historie d’insister
5 Historie d’en finir
– Cadencia n1 e 2 di Francisco Luque
– Mouvement apparent di Philippe Durville