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Review of L’oiseau rare by Francisco Luque, Ed. Espacio, 2015


We find again the Spanish composer Francisco Luque on this record, a monograph of his works for guitar that includes the following compositions:

L’oiseau rare (deux guitares)
A Martuli (guitar)
Espacio (Baryton et guitare)
Estudios de sonoridades (guitar)
A Bias (guitare et Electronique)

Francisco Luque is a Spanish composer, born in Madrid in 1954. He studied guitar with Rocío Herrero and composition with Luis Pablo at the Madrid’d Conservatory.
He later obtained a PhD from the University of Paris VIII (Horacio Vaggione) with the thesis “Une harmonie d’aujourd’hui ?. Espace acoustique, timbre et registre dans le contexte de la musique instrumentale. “(” A harmony today ?. acoustic space, timbre and register in the context of instrumental music. “).
He followed studies in electroacoustic GMEB (Groupe de musique expérimentale de Bourges) and has participated in direct composition courses with, among others, Franco Donatoni (Accademia Chigiana), Luigi Nono (Granada), Olivier Messiaen (Acanthus) and Pierre Boulez ( Acanthus)
The encounter with Jose Angel Valente’s works was decisive for his artistic development. On poems by this author he has composed since 1994: “At dios del lugar” for soprano and string sextet, “Nadie” (soprano, flute, harp and guitar), “gemido” (baritone, flute, viola and guitar), “Sonderaktion 1943” (baritone and piano) “Espacio” (baritone and guitar) “Cantar” (baritone and alto) and “Espacio 2” (soprano and guitar).
An important part of his work consists of his compositions for solo guitar or different formations. Among his latest compositions, two guitar cycles ( “A Martuli» et «Estudios de sonoridades») «The rare oiseau” (for two guitars) “Bias” (guitar and electronics) “Vers un désert 3” (lead guitar , three guitars and three percussionists) “De 1 fois pour 6 10 II ‘(60 guitars).
In this CD we find just four of these compositions masterfully performed by the talented Caroline DELUME and Wim Hoogewerf (guitars) and baritone Vincent Bouchot.
The music is very interesting, it’s a little-known repertoire and that should be investigated by other musicians because, in my opinion, offers various possibilities for different interpretations
Very interesting.

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