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Born in France of Spanish Republican parents, Rafael Andia first studied the violin but was attracted by the musical tradition of his family. The flamenco that he then practiced yielded to the classical guitar, but his conception of the instrument remains durably fixed under that first influence.

Rafael Andia will remain a cornerstone for his generation because of a quite complete guitaristic activity. His reputation is as important in the field of contemporary music – where he has premiered some of the more significant works of our times – as it is in the field of ancient music, where he has widely contributed to the renewal of baroque guitar, particularly through the complete work of Robert de Visée. His contribution also extends to the field of Spanish guitar, by making popular many techniques for that instrument as a teacher of classical and baroque guitar at École Normale de Musique de Paris, where he has been teaching since 1971.

Composer and editorial director, he brings regularly his contribution to the ancient, classical or contemporary repertoire.