#Review of Raffaele Bellafronte, Arakathamala, Stradivarius 2011 on #neuguiytars #blog

Beautiful word “Arakathamala”, I look for it on google and I don’t find anything. Really nothing. It doesn’t exist, there is not, it’s an invention. Something in between among the group Aktualas of the beginnings ’70 and the Anthakarna Swami by Riccardo Zappa, na acoustic guitar memory? No, decidedly no. Raffaele Bellafronte is an Italian composer whose crossed his artistic path with the “times future” series by the italian labe recording Stradivarius, realizing a record of music for small ensemble, music that play fresh, pleasant and interesting. Distant from academic conservatisms and mental structures so distant from whatever emotionalism.

Arakathamala is a pleasant record, a game that convinces the listener of music in search of interesting things, innovative but not tedious. You can almost breathes jazzy airs in the melodies of Bellafronte, especially in passages as Nights in Broadway, Midnight plays, Blue, the same Arakathalama that remember the velvety swing of Tin Pan Alley, engaged on particular and asymmetrical rhythmics that so much jazzy however are not.

For the guitar there are two interesting passages indeed: “Cristalli di Sale” played in duo by Marco Salcito on classical guitar and by Maria Gamboz on harp, where the two instruments are woven in an arabesque sonorous changing, and in Arakathamala where the guitar of Giampaolo Bandini in on scene with “Filarmonici of Busseto”, together with Corado Giuffredi on clarinet, Cesare Chiacchiaretta on bandoneon and Enrico Fagone on the double bass.

A record that scores a goal for contemporary music, another demonstration of the increasing interest for the guitar by the new composers.