#Review of Pictures of Moments by Marco Magnelli Trio, ImprovvisatoreInvolontario, 2015 on #neuguitars #blog



The first time I heard this album, I immediately thought: “Fusion”. A term that if it was fashionable in the 80’s along with all its possible variations (smooth jazz, jazz-rock, jazz, electric, etc.) in the past two decades has disappeared from the definitions adopted by music critics, perhaps replaced by more universal “crossover”. In reality things are not exactly so the same: If this disc has such a “landscaping” nature that can remember certain atmosphere bordering ’90s smooth jazz (another odiously definition), in fact it seems to me that its true raison would be both decidedly more complex and articulated.This “Pictures of Moments” made by Magnelli Trio, Marco Magnelli (guitar, author of all songs), Carlo Cimino (bass) and Francesco Gregorace (drums), is a much refined record where guitar leads through a very clean and sometimes melancholy sound, a cd where we cross diverse and  other atmospheres and languages, from blues to bibop, from dissonance guitar, to a certain minimalism acoustic, from energetic and nervous improvisation to a more refined and cool composition.Disc very fresh and refined, but, pay attention, absolutely not naive. All three musicians involved demonstrate a considerable experience and consummate ability to manage themselves their own personal creative spaces seek a full understanding and interplay. A disc of “new fusion” then? No, but we can continue to talk about of “hybridation”.