Luca Perciballi – How to kill complex numbers #live At Parmafrontiere 2016 #fullconcert on #neuguitars #blog

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Luca Perciballi presenting his solo record “How to kill complex numbers” at ParmaJazz Frontiere Festival 2016, il suono sul filo, edizione XXI, 25/11, Casa della Musica.

Guitarist, composer and educator. Studied in Italy and The Netherlands in prestigious schools like A.Boito Conservatory, CODARTS and G.Verdi Conservatory. His passion for improvisation moved Perciballi to develop a personal view on form and a deep research on new sonorities and instrumental tecniques, always with the use of live electronics. Influenced by his compositional studies his work tries to merge two different worlds like improvisation and composition: in his artistic output there’s a balcance between an exact and sharp writng and the spontaneous feeling of improvisation.
Perciballi performed with many important artists such as Roberto Bonati, Marc Ducret, Sarp Maden, Bruno Tommaso, Graham Collier, Alberto Tacchini, Renato Sellani, Enrico Intra, Mauro Ottolini and actors like Oscar de Summa. Is a stable member of bands such as Ivan Valentini Rust and Blue and Kind of Mosh and he’s leading his trio Slanting Dots.
In a period of six years he cultivated a personal and artist relationship with Lawrence Douglas Buth Morris, the famous inventor of Conduction, that lead him to perform and work as assistant of his beloved master. His work as conductor continues with Fragile Orchestra. Always interested in the collaboration with different artistc expressions in 2011 Perciballi started a duo with painter Mattia Scappini, Fragile. Their first artistic output is the Dvd Birth Of a Square (2016).
He performed in various festivals in Italy and Europe.
As a composer he writes music for theatre, movies and commercials and contemporary art performances.
During the years he won important awards like Italian Jazz Graffiti 2012 (new talent in Italian Jazz) and the important Gaslini Prize 2016.