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In a long distance by Alessio Bruno

Slanting Dots
Luca Perciballi: guitar and live electronics
Alessio Bruno: doublebass
Gregorio Ferrarese: drums


The trio was founded in 2007 thanks to the common partecipation of its members to the A.Boito Conservatoty’s workshops. Since the beginning the band tried to build up a personal and recognizable sound, true medium of a musical idea that reflects current times with their contraddictions. Perciballi and his mates approach music as a huge source of creativity, where one can pick up the elements he wants without concerning of concepts like style or genre. Jazz it’s just a starting point, a common ground that can be tainted by classical contemporary music or disrespecful rock sounds. The freshness of this procedure is reflected by open and elusive tunes, where the accurancy of writing coexists with the sonic impact of furious improvisations. Live electronics are just another tool the trio uses to increase their palette, ranging from symphonic moments to aggressive rock distortions, from jazz sonorities to delicate, impressionistic collectives.

“UNFOLD” contains in itself the true meaning of the record: every first release it’s a discovery, an exploration of new possibilities driven by enthusiasm and the need of experimentation that modernity suggests. Perciballi organized all his compositions after an hard period of study and research, starded in 2010 during his residence in Holland and ended in the first half of 2013. All the tunes reflect some of the main qualities of their author: the mixture of jazz material and structures taken from contemporary classical music, everything organized with no fear for the complexity that can be originated by that process. In the music played by the trio rationality and instinct cooperate to create a coherent sonic landscape, where the differences between performer and improviser are erased. UNFOLD was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gabriele Simoni at INDIEHUB (Milano) in june 2013.