#Review of carpere fide(s) by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete, Odradek Records, 2016 on #neuguitars #blog


Review of carpere fide(s) by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete, Odradek Records



Odradek Records is an independent American nonprofit record company devoted to the diffusion of contemporary music. In 2016 the label produced this cd, which in fact is something more: this is the first piece of an interesting recording project of a Spanish contemporary guitar music’s archive created by Spanish guitarist Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete.

This first piece of this upcoming ambitious archive is this cd: fide (s) carpet, where is contained in the music of Gabriel Erkoreka, author of Fantasia 2001, Alberto Hortiguela, with his 2014 Tres tientos de Antonio de Cabezon, Mikel Urquiza with Bellaretan (2014), Elena Mendoza with 2005 Breviario de espejismos, Joan Riera Robuste with Poetica (supongo) composed in2012 and Ramon Lazkano with Ezkil (2002).

This is a remarkable work. A combination of eight highly structured passages, designed with extreme lucidity and performed with a high level of sensitivity, perfection and intent. Spain. The cradle of the classic guitar. Perhaps we have forgotten this country, in these years passed analyzing, discussing, criticizing Andres Segovia’s figure. We have forgotten the presence of new composers, the legacy of Narciso Yepes, a great interpreter for the composers of his time. Now, Spain has decided to come back, to express new ideas, to listen to new music, to renew itself. It’s an ambitious project and outstanding record.