#Interview with Tatiana Stachak (May 2017) on #neuguitars #blog


Interview with Tatiana Stachak


The first question is always the classic one: how does it start your love and interest for guitar?

I started when I was 12 years old (not so early so). My first guitar was bought by my older brother. It was communist times in Poland and shops were usually empty, it was difficult to buy food, clothes… Musical instruments were no exception: one day my brother saw the a long queue in front of music shop and spontaneously decided to purchase a guitar as a gift for me. First I started to learn by myself and later in the music school. Music at that time was my escape from the grey communist reality and was the invitation to a beautiful, perfect world – now I know that.

What instruments do you play or have you played?

I play the guitar and a little the piano. The guitar I possess is made by Krakow luthier Jarosław Biłan. I like the deep and warm sound of this instrument.


I met your music thanks to Heike Matthiesesn and her last cd “Guitar Ladies”. She played your waltz “Walc w kafejce“, how did you met Heike?
We’ve „met” only virually. Heike wrote to me about her plans, we corresponed and after few months she send me the copy of her great CD.

“Walc w kafejce“ is a very short piece, a miniature, I have seen that you have composed severral carols and waltz… why do you like so much miniatures?
My music is generally dedicated to young guitarists. I think that the short forms are the most suitable for them. My mine idea is to create pieces which are not very difficult but are written „under finger” and sound attractively, melodious and characteristics.

I see that you are not only a guitar player, an interpreter, and a composer, but also an educator…why did you choose this carrer too?
I started to work as a teacher when I was 19 years old. I had to divide my time between studies and work. It was hard time in my life but from the distance I realize that it was very fruitful. It gave me possibilities to collect experience which, after years, I used in my books and compositions.


How is musical education in Poland? And … is guitar a popular instrument? How is played? Would you suggest us some Poland guitar players?

Guitar is is a very popular instrument in Poland. We have a huge amount of music schools in which education is free of any charge (or, to be strict, is payed by government from our taxes). The pros of such situation are that everybody who wants and have basic music skills could try to learn music, but the condition is to work hard, pass many exams, take part in competitions etc. Therefore the level of education in music schools in Poland is very high. Many polish guitarists are quite well known f.e. Marcin Dylla, Łukasz Kuropaczewski, Michał Nagy.

What’s the role of the “Error” in your musical vision? For “error” I mean an incorrect procedure, an irregularity in the normal operation of a mechanism, a discontinuity on an otherwise uniform surface that can lead to new developments and unexpected surprises…

This question is very open and could be understood in various ways. In the composing and teaching process, precision, accuracy and action plan are very important. Maybe this statement does not sound “artistically” but in my opinion errors do not support these processes and I try to avoid them. I can’t remember any situation in which the “error” gave me good result. That is the reason why I don’t accept „self learning” handbooks (usually promoted by sentences like „how to learn to play the guitar in few weeks”). Teacher is necessary to let avoid the pupil errors. Any error repeated by pupil even few times is very hard to correct in future.

Please tell us five essential records, to have always with you .. the classic five discs for the desert island …What kind of music do you listen to usually?

I love Ravel Concerto in G Major, especially second movement – Adagio Assai in Marta Argerich interpretation. My fascination is also early and baroque music, records by Arianna Savall, Jordi Savall and Rolf Lislevand. This music is delicate, subtle, naturall but not obvious. I love music by Chopin and Tchaykowsky – classical choice 🙂

What are your five favorite scores?

It’s still changing, I have wide music fascination, first of all Bach – his music is consecvent, deep minded, but also melodious and lyric. Generally I love music with nostalgic climate like Mompou (Introduction and Dances), Granados (Valses poeticos), Barrios.

Last question..what are you working on? When we will see you in Italy?

Few months ago I finished my new publication for children. It is only in Polish now but the title could be translated as „Guitar’s ABC” (this is handbook for very, very young children for whom my „First Class Guitar” handbook could be too difficult). Now I am working on a set of melodious studies – these pieces will help to solve technical problems without jumping into the boring world of repeated passages and rhythmic structures. I don’t know when I will visit Italy as a guitarist. I visited Italy many times as a tourist – I love trekking your mountains, both rocky slopes on the north and hot hills on the south) but i would like very much and I hope it will be soon.

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