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Review of Medallon Antiguo Marco Caiazza plays Agustin Barrios, DotGuitar, 2016

What’s the impact on this monograph? Here we have a nice cd, all zipped with great music, with nineteen pieces, a nearly complete collection of works that this Paraguayan composer / guitarist, an adventurous figure, an acclaimed and discussed, exalted and denigrated concertist, an imaginative interpreter and histrionic and theatrical composer, has left us as a testimony to his talent.

This cd strikes with hissound, a truly “complete” sound, clear, but mature, the result of a choreographic work of refinement and cleansing but at the same time it’s not a sound closed in itself. For “closed in itself” I mean a kind of sound, good yes, clean yes, but … without energy, pure aesthetic exercise, reproduction, a photocopy without meaning and content.

Marco Caiazza’s sound is different: there are form and substance, two aspects too often forgotten by those who deal with aesthetics, and there is also the function, an aspect that aesthetics has left only to a certain design.

“Medallon Antiguo Marco Caiazza plays Agustin Barrios is a record defined by a guitar design, designed to enhance the intrinsic quality of Barrios’s works, wrapped in a delicate and complex musical form, a great work that, I think, has cost years of commitment, dedication, maturity and workmanship.

Really a great job. Talking about Form, I also add more compliments to Davide Ficco as an excellent sound engineer. I know it’s no longer fashionable to do so, in the fluid playlist time, but I’m “old school”.