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Review of Der Wanderer by Wanderer Guitar Duo (Giacomo Copiello and Michele Tedesco), Stradivarius, 2016

Der Wanderer, the Traveler. It looks like the perfect title for a classical guitar record, especially for one like me who chose the 56th symbol of the I-ching as my own avatar. In the artistic field, however, this is definitely much more: it’s the name of a lied (but also of the famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich), composed by Franz Schubert in 1816, describing the figure, present almost exclusively in German romance, of a spirit who, inhabited by an uneasy space-time, feels everywhere stranger except in the movement that drags him from one place to another by pursuing the question: “Where? “.

A spirit that decides strongly on this cd recorded by young talents Giacomo Copiello and Michele Tedesco, already Stefano Grondona’s student at the Conservatory “A. Pedrollo “in Vicenza. This duo was born in 2013 and is devoted particularly to the deepening of romantic music composed or transcribed for guitar. We had already met these two musicians as soloists during the review of the cd dedicated to the four J.S. Bach Lutes’ Suite, always released for Stradivarius in 2016, part of the recording project of the Conservatory of Vicenza, directed by S. Grondona .
If the traveler hasn’t a precise place to reach, even if each time he establishes one and its movement, its wandere is the incarnation of an archetype, it must be said that this duo has clear ideas about what to play and especially how: the cd is really remarkable and interesting focusing on pieces and transcriptions by J. Brahms, F. Schubert, C. Frank and JK Mertz. The performers are really good and show a remarkable artistic and professional maturity, as well as the sound of the cd, edited by Andrea Dandolo both in recording and mastering. An excellent job. This “wanderer” hightly recommend it.